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TENCEL™ is the brand name given to certain fabrics created by Lenzing AG, an Austrian company. One such fabric used in clothing, including by Sway, is lyocell. Tencel-Lyocell is made by converting trees into wood pulp, then using chemical solvents to dissolve this pulp and extrude into small fibres, which are then spun into yarn for fabric. The fabric is hence biodegradable.

Why is Tencel sustainable if it is created from trees/ forests? What about the chemicals used in the manufacture process?

Tencel Lyocell is made from eucalyptus trees. These trees grow fast, require no toxic pesticides and very little water. Further, all the wood is sourced from sustainably managed eucalyptus tree farms.

During the manufacture process itself, a closed loop system is used, wherein more than 99% of all chemicals are reused instead of being simply let out as harmful run-off. As a result, Tencel Lyocell is one of the most eco-friendly regenerated fibres.

What are the other qualities of Tencel

Apart from being biodegradable and sustainable, the Tencel Lyocell used by Sway is:

  • highly breathable and has excellent cooling and moisture wicking properties. The latter makes the fabric perfect for warmer and more humid climates. The breathable nature lends the fabric thermo regulating qualities, making it a great choice for cooler climates as well
  • gentle and suitable for sensitive skin
  • has a soft, shiny and silky feel and good drape, making it very flattering on the wearer
  • very durable and is resistant to piling