Dyes used in making a garment are of utmost importance since dyes are constantly in touch with our body when the garment is worn. Chemical dyes – used in most garments – are not only incredibly polluting to the environment but can also create health problems for the wearer when they remain in constant contact with the skin.

Sway pays particular attention to the dyes used; all our garments are made using only two families of non-toxic dyes.

100% natural plant based dyes

The majority of our clothing uses eco friendly, non toxic, natural dyes. Some key ingredients that go into some of our commonly used all natural plant based dyes are indigo, marigold, neem and madder.

Azo free dyes

Where natural pigments don’t take well to the fabric or do not stain in the required color and intensity, we use the next best thing – azo free dyes. Dyes commonly used in the textile industry – upto 70% as per some studies – are azo dyes. Such dyes contain chemicals which color fibres directly with good intensity thereby making them popular choices. However, such azo dyes are harmful to both the environment and humans and have even been linked to certain cancers.

Azo free dyes are made based on EU regulations that ban harmful chemicals from being used in dyes (such as nitrogen based compounds, a key culprit in chemical based dyes). Azo free dyes are therefore:

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • absorbed well by fabric, reducing water and chemical usage
  • do not contain heavy metals, bleach, nitrogen and other harmful substances